Airborne Satcom

Airborne series :
qualified and operational on a broad range of platforms – helicopters, military aircraft, UAVs and commercial aircraft

Over 1500 terminals delivered worldwide for both commercial and government customers
Light and compact design, simplifying installation and maintenance

High speed and reliable links, and fast transitions between satellites
Industry-leading RF performance, global stabilization control and tracking capabilities

Extensive military and civilian qualification and compatibility, exceeding stringent environmental requirements

Earth Observation Ground Stations

Gaia Earth Observation ground station: fresh approaches to ground stations. Lighter, smaller
footprint, and simpler to install, operate and maintain

Highly accurate compact ground terminals for uninterrupted links to LEO,
MEO and GEO constellations

Diverse range of applications and customers – Space Agencies, Earth Observation companies, and
search and rescue operators

Ease of installation – lightweight, pre-configured and pre-tested

Ease of Integration – extensive experience with diverse tracking schemes and handover, and
IP/Network friendly

Lower Cost of Ownership – whether a big operator or a budget-constrained EO

Telemetry & Tracking

AL/Tri-Band series:
Market-leading highspeed tracking and telemetry systems for land and sea

Extensive base of Government and Civilian customers

Modular design for easy transport and set-up

Reliable, robust systems for extreme environmental conditions

Fast target acquisition for unsurpassed tracking accuracy and quality

Proven L/S/C Tri-band solution delivering excellent value/performance ratios

Airborne Audio Mgt

Orion series : Evolution and advancement based on experience
with over 3,500 fielded systems

Optimized for fighters, helicopters, mission aircraft and commercial aircraft

Pioneer in 3D Audio and channel spatial separation

Ease of installation, integration and support

Robust and reliable, with patented dual IP ring redundancy architecture and backup modes

Extensively operational with Israeli, US and other Air Forces, and on airframes as diverse as the Gulfstream V and the MC-21 Airliner


Tactical Radio

Tactical HF and VHF radio are essential for members of military and law enforcement organisations
that need to maintain communication to ensure operational success.

Members of military and law enforcement agencies around the world require communication capabilities
in remote areas not serviced by traditional infrastructure.
High frequency (HF) and very high frequency (VHF) radio overcome the challenges of operating in such locations,
providing for transmission of voice, email, fax and data signals without relying on any supporting infrastructure.


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