Physical protection

Physical protection of sites and facilities

Control device
pedestrian access

Control device
vehicle access


Rotary drum

Rising barrier

Grilling (rigid panel, roll)

Perimeter protection

C4i Communication has developed various high performance outdoor detection systems that combine aesthetics with a high level of safety.
Our systems combine different technologies to better meet your needs :

Our platforms

  • Multi-technology barriers (Hyperfrequency, Infrared)
  • Sensitive Cables (Accelerometers, Phonics, Optical Fiber)
  • Seismic sensors

Detection system shocks on fence

Dual Technology Outdoor Detectors

Infrared barrier Active Wireless Long Range

Access control

Securing a site or a building implies a complete management of access. C4i Communication offers scalable and multi-site electronic access control solutions with integration of multi-service access cards (parking management, canteen, time management).

Assuming that each client is unique, we integrate tailor-made solutions to the needs of each client. In order to ensure a optimal protection of the site or the building, our solutions revolve around a range of systems of physical protection (obstacles, turnstiles, fast corridors, retractable terminals)