120/45mm MAIN GUN

The main features of the weapon system

Technology and Performance Overmatch, the 120/45mm gun, joining the long 120mm experience (classic L44 120mm Gun) together with new technologies, provides effective overmatch on 125mm ammunitions.

Latest generation of steel for the gun, breech block and breech ring optimised in terms of mechanical characteristics, the same used for the new 127mm Naval Gun in use in Italian and Export Navies, to assure the best in terms of design pressure: same profile, same thickness, better mechanical features.

Weight Reduction, the weight of the oscillating mass consents a reduction of 500kg in comparison with the 120/44mm legacy (cradle designed using special light alloy).

Low Recoil Force, thanks to a patented integrated muzzle brake system with an efficiency of 20%, conceived to reduce the recoil force on the trunnions axis (the only 120mm gun already installed on wheeled vehicles).


GS05 Land Optronic Thermal Aiming Resource is a modular and compact sight designed to deliver identification, recognition and pin-point targeting capabilities to the gunner, day or night.

In operation/deployed on the Italian Army, GS05 can be linked to the gun or independently stabilised. As a key component of a Fire Control System, GS05 can be integrated into turrets controlling guns from 25 – 30mm to 120 – 125mm.

GS05 incorporates the company’s latest thermal imaging modules, either LWIR or MWIR proprietary detectors, a high performance color CCD TV, an eye safe Laser Range Finder, a daylight elbow and all the facilities needed for a perfect control of fire.

▪ High performance detection, aiming and tracking capabilities whilst stationary and on the move
▪ State-of-the-art full digital equipment matching with today’s Vetronics requirements and concepts
▪ Modular design for easy installation into small AIFV turrets as well as last generation MBTs
▪ Optimised cost to performance ratio
▪ Simple controls easy to operate
▪ Reduced maintenance burden through self test tools
▪ Flexible interfaces for easy integration on existing and new vehicles.


RCWS Light is a lightweight Remote Weapon Station that can be fitted with 7,62 mm Machine Gun or 12,7 mm Machine Guns or a 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher. The flexibility provided by different calibers offers the capability to perform multi-role tasks like surveillance, patrolling in urban environment, border security, counter-sniper and asymmetric missions. Machine Gunner can operate the weapon system and observe day and night from inside the vehicle in a protected position.

Due to its light weight, compact size and an no-intrusive installation, RCWS Light can be easily installed on the roof of all types of vehicles including Utility Vehicles, Multirole Tactical Vehicles, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, as well as to Main Battle Tanks as secondary armament.

The weapons are primarily stabilized on two axis, and a universal ammunition box for the different calibers is fitted on the mount. RCWS Light Fire Control System consists of a modular sighting system including a Day TV camera, an Infra Red camera for night vision and an eye safe Laser Range Finder. Gun and electro optic can be independently moving with the capability to provide a non-threatening aspect for surveillance (barrel park 40° upper the sensor suite° ) in urban warfare.

RCWS Light FCS architecture is open and provides growth potential for system upgrade. Both sighting system and firing are operated from a protected position inside the vehicle through a multi function display and joystick. To ensure the maximum safety for the operator, also the recoking is made electrically from a protected position. The Machine Gunner is assisted by a Fire Control Computer with ballistic and cinematic computation. In an emergency RCWS Light can be manually operated.

▪ NATO qualified, combat proven, in production and in service;
▪ Possibility to install a large range of different weapons as 7.62mm, 12.7mm or 40mm AGL.
▪ Electrical re-cooking
▪ Compact Size, light weight and no-intrusive installation


▪ Increased first hit probability, provided by the new FCS Sight, Sensors and Ballistic calculation algorithms
▪ Shooting on the move, against standing or moving target
▪ Increased range of threats detection, recognition and identification, thanks to the latest Day and Night 3rd Generation Thermal Imager sensors together with Image Enhancement and video processing
▪ Hunter/Killer Capability
▪ Reduced reaction time on engagement, thanks to Video Tracking for aiming and shooting assistance and more persistency in the firing window
▪ Increased systems Robustness provided by the Gunner and Commander interchangeability for the main Gun