PANDORA includes a large number of standard and proprietary protocols to achieve complete integration of different safety / security systems in the same application.

This will allow you to combine systems from different manufacturers. It will also be possible to establish interactions between the different systems, for example:

  • decommission the intrusion system following authorized access to the building,
  • trigger lighting after intrusion detection,
  • activate video recording after an intercom call,

For systems that are not compatible with the supervisor, PANDORA  has an SDK for integration. Using the same app to monitor all of your systems offers many benefits:

  • The same procedures for all systems,
  • Unified alarms and events management,
  • A gateway between the different systems,
  • Simplified application maintenance,
  • Unique application training

Main features:

  • Complete alarm management

  • Customizable graphical interface

  • Integration of standard plan funds : Autocad, BMP, JPG, PNG, …,

  • Historical consultation,

  • Curve plot, statistics

  • Sending email, SMS

  • Multi-window, multi-screen interface

  • Single station, multi-station, multi-server architecture.