C4I-SCU-IR is a single channel uncooled thermal imaging binocular, designed especially for military and law enforcement personnel for
prolonged observation and reconnaissance.

  • allows target detection and recognition in completely passive mode on short and mid-range distances.
  • Integrated GPS for precise positioning of the device
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection for remote wireless observation


Five Optical Channels Multi-function Binoculars is a small intelligent observation device integrating infrared, low-light, visible light and laser. It has built-in location module, digital magnetic compass, and laser rangefinder.

  • Resolution:4.6 megapixels
  • Laser Rangefinder:
    – Eye Safe:1535nm
    – Max Measuring Range:≥6km
    – Measuring Accuracy:2m

Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars


  • THDB-3OC Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars has two HD observing channels. The color day channel has a resolution of 5,000,000 pixels, and the thermal imaging channel has a resolution of 800,000 pixels. With the built-in positioning module, digital magnetic compass, and laser rangefinder, it can quickly and accurately locate itself and the target. And the target information can be acquired and uploaded. THDB-3OC has small size and low power consumption and is adaptive to various complex climates and environments.


Dual-Eye Tactical Binocular Systems TB-QUAD4 Series

  • The TB-QUAD4 the series offres a dual-eye tactical binocular system with innovative fusion capabilites for long range surveillance and reconnaissance. It also includes the option capabilities of being hand-held or tripod-mounted.

  • TB-QUAD4 is available in three configurations with 50, 75, and 100mm objective lenses paired with matching lenses for the visible channel. Each model provides the optimal ratio of detection distance and situational awareness.




  • JC-TM Clip-on Thermal Imager is developed for the harsh environment that restricting the use of
    I² and CCD night vision devices. As a thermal imaging enhancing attachment, it quickly upgrades your
    existing device with the clip-on fusion function and multiple imaging modes. JC-TM can improve the
    user’s night vision awareness ability and ensure the absolute tactical advantage of prioritizing the
    identification of potential targets.


  • J14-MNVG monocular night vision goggle adopts super second-generation low light tubes.
    With reliable and superior performance, compact size, and ultra-light weight, it provides
    high-definition images to effectively improve situational awareness and self-protection


  • The J31S-B2L-NVG Binocular Low Light Night Vision Device features a modular design and standard
    interfaces for strong compatibility; adjustable interpupillary distance (IDP) and field-of-view
    (FOV); compact and lightweight with support for multiple power supply methods; and high
    reliability, suitable for complex weather conditions.


Enhanced Night Vision Goggle


  • JF-NVG Enhanced Night Vision Goggle combines I² and thermal imaging technologies to make up for
    the shortcomings of the former in detecting targets, suitable for a wider range of applications.
    With corresponding sighting tools, the FOV and the reticle of the sighting tool can be precisely
    matched to the image of JF-NVG, so as to realize the fast capture and concealed aiming of the target.



  • JFB-ENVBG is equipped with a new generation of night vision fusion technology, by which the
    binocular three-dimensional imaging and thermal imaging technology make it possible for
    users to recognize targets and distinguish threats quickly. Matched with external devices, it
    can realize the functions of rapid target acquisition (RTA) and augmented reality (AR) so as
    to increase the ability of situational awareness and self-prote ction.



The main functions of Spotter series Pocket Laser Rangefinder include: ranging, ranging the distance between two targets, angle measurement, real-time display of measurement data in the eyepiece, power display, data transmission and other functions (Support extended GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module). It is mainly used for single-hand holding and equipped with tripod for long distance target. Besides, It is small size, lightweight and fitting easily into pocket.


LR-Scouter pro

Scouter Pro series laser rangefinder, based on the Scouter series rangefinder to add GPS,Bluetooth, mobile APP and other functions,upgrade OLED projection display, differentiation line and lighting. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, excellent performance and rich functions, and the main functions are expected to be far, ranging, angle measurement, altimeter, two-point ranging, target positioning, ballistic solution,Bluetooth, mobile phone APP and other functions.



JB-31 binocular night vision goggle adopts super second-generation low light tubes. With reliable and superior performance, compact size, and ultra-light weight, it provides high-definition images to effectively improve situational awareness and self-protection capabilities.



The JYM-2.0-TS is a high-performance multi-purpose thermal sight equipped with a 12μm,640×512 (50Hz), NETD≤25 mK thermal imaging detector for high-definition imaging at a high refresh rate. Based on advanced image processing algorithms, this device shows clear targets and smooth images. Besides, it also features a 64G memory, digital magnetic compass, image capture, video taking, and connection to apps.



TM6-MT-TS Middle-type Thermal Sight is equipped with a 640×512 infrared detector and a 45mm lens. It has a wide field of view and a very long observation distance while providing excellent thermal images.
TM6-MT-TS adopts compact and concise design. It is waterproof and dustproof with excellent shock resistance. In addition, it is reliable and functional to work in any weather, terrain, and meteorological conditions.



The device features a 12μm detector of 384×288 or 640×512 resolution optional, a 35/50mm objective lens, a 1024×768 OLED display, and a built-in rangefinding module with a range from 10m to 1,200m and an accuracy of ±1m. It supports various functions such as Wi-Fi image
transmission, video recording, digital compass, and Bluetooth remote control. It is suitable for rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns, etc.



TH6 Thermal Sight is mainly used to be equipped on 12.7 mm rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles with Picatinny rail. It can be used for aiming at single or clustered living targets within 1,800 m or light vehicle targets within 2,100 m. It adopts thermal imaging technology to discover and identify targets. It can also realize the accurate aiming of targets through its built-in ballistic calculation and device. TH6 incorporates a high-definition OLED screen, easy to learn and operate.



TCH6 Heavy-type Clip-on Thermal Sight is an economical thermal sight, equipped with a 640×512 thermal detector and matched with 75mm lenses. It can be used alone or in combination with a daylight scope, to provide excellent thermal images.
TCH6 features a compact and simple design, being water & dustproof, and excellent in shock resistance. It is adaptable to climate and landform changes and able to provide round-the-clock service under all-terrain and all-weather working conditions, delivering reliable and superior performance.



The T-HDF is an HD fusion binocular telescope with four optical channels catering to full-time observation day and night, rangefinding, and geo-location. The product is lightweight and portable, providing users with unprecedented situational awareness.Light Weight, the product has a battery life of up to 8 hours.



TE Cooled Infrared Multi-function Binoculars is a small intelligent observation device integrating cooled infrared, visible light, and laser. It has built-in location module, digital magnetic compass, continuous zooming infrared lens and visible lens, laser rangefinder, WIFI module.
With the functions of self-localization, target location, target labelling, and target identification, it is portable to be used for day and night observation and target searching. Fusion mode supports small field-of-view fusion.