Border security




Long-range thermal imaging cameras for border and coastal surveillance applications

The HRC-Series are equipped with a highly reliable, mid-wave, cooled detector which offers extremely long range detection in all weather conditions. The cameras offer a continuous optical and electronic zoom. This offers excellent situational awareness while also giving the possibility to zoom in at suspect activities, and have a closer look, once they are detected. The HRC-Series can be integrated into existing networks or used as a stand alone unit.
The HRC-Series offer extreme long range detection and excellent image quality, in the darkest of nights, through smoke and dust. You can detect a man-size target several kilometers away. All thermal imaging cameras are extremely suited for border and coastal surveillance but also for mid-range threat detection.

  • Cooled detector
    The HRC-Series are equipped with a mid-wave, cooled detector. A thermal imaging camera with a cooled detector gives you the advantage that you can see and detect potential threats much farther away than with an uncooled detector. But there is more.
    Objects which are at a close distance can be seen with much more detail. You can see what people are carrying. There is no need anymore to send someone out in the field to take a closer look since small details can clearly be seen on the thermal image.
    According to his needs and preferences, the user can choose a HRC-Series that is either equipped with a cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) or a cooled Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) detector.

  • Crisp, high resolution thermal images: 640 x 480 pixels
    All thermal imaging cameras are equipped with a cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) detector (InSb or MCT) that produces ultrasharp thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels. This will satisfy users that want to see the smallest of detail and demand the best possible image quality.
    It allows the user to see more detail and detect more and smaller objects from a farther distance. Coupled with high sensitivity, the HRC-Series offer extremely long range performance and excellent image quality.

  • Four different versions available
    – HRC-E: Equipped with a 22 x 275 mm lens. It zooms between a 24° field of view and a 2° field of view.
    – HRC-S: Equipped with a 39 x 490 mm lens. It zooms between a 14.1° field of view and a 1.1° field of view.
    – HRC-U: Equipped with a 59 x 735 mm lens. It zooms between a 9.4° field of view and a 0.75° field of view.
    – HRC-X: Equipped with a 88 x 1100 mm lens. It zooms between a 6.3° field of view and a 0.5° field of view.

  • Continuous optical and digital zoom on the thermal image
    The HRC-Series thermal imaging cameras are equipped with powerful continuous optical zoom capability on the thermal image. It offers excellent situational awareness but also the possibility to zoom-in, and see more detail, once a target has been detected. This way operators can see farther recognize more detail and react more quickly to security threats. The advantage of continuously zooming compared to other systems that are using a rotating lens system is that there is no switch or swapping between the different images. You can gradually zoom in while keeping your focus all the time. All systems are also equipped with an up to 16x continuous digital zoom.


Nemosys Series

Exavision Nemosys camera line

A modular range of optronic solutions embedded on two-axis Pan and Tilt, including analog or full HD colour camera, uncooled (band III) thermal camera, complementary GPS, DMC, LRF ……
It allows short distance surveillance, effective day and night, for the protection and the security of your sensitive sites.

  • Short distance all-weather observation

  • Monitoring of sensitive infrastructures (Oil and chemical industries, nuclear power plants, etc.)

  • Monitoring of borders and coastal areas

  • Ports and airports surveillance



360° Infrared Panoramic Camera

Infrared Panoramic Security Camera adopts infrared thermal imaging chips and integrates advanced optical image stabilization and image processing technologies to perfectly achieve fast 360° wide-area real-time monitoring. Infrared Panoramic Security Camera is able to detect and recognize an unlimited number of tracks, providing high resolution images. The warning area can be customized to identify potential targets or threats and automatically track them, which can be widely used in a variety of scenarios.

  • The distance Security Cameras could see at night or in the dark depends on several factors such as focal length, resolution, location and camera quality. The most important factor that determines how far a security camera can see is the size of camera lens or focal length.

  • The smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view security camera can see. Resolution can determine the clarity of images and video content. The higher the resolution, the clearer images and videos will be. Location is another important factor for security camera.

  • The fewer obstacles (such as walls, doors, or lights) between the camera and the WiFi signal, the better the quality of the transmitted image.

  •  Top security camera brands with a large customer base are more reliable than unknown camera suppliers.

  • Robust and reliable mounting platform for unobstructed
360° Uncooled 640×512
360° Uncooled 1280×1024



The main functions of Spotter series Pocket Laser Rangefinder include: ranging, ranging the distance between two targets, angle measurement, real-time display of measurement data in the eyepiece, power display, data transmission and other functions (Support extended GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module). It is mainly used for single-hand holding and equipped with tripod for long distance target. Besides, It is small size, lightweight and fitting easily into pocket.


Clip-on Thermal Imager


  • JC-TM Clip-on Thermal Imager is developed for the harsh environment that restricting the use of
    I² and CCD night vision devices. As a thermal imaging enhancing attachment, it quickly upgrades your
    existing device with the clip-on fusion function and multiple imaging modes. JC-TM can improve the
    user’s night vision awareness ability and ensure the absolute tactical advantage of prioritizing the
    identification of potential targets.

Enhanced Night Vision Goggle


  • JF-NVG Enhanced Night Vision Goggle combines I² and thermal imaging technologies to make up for
    the shortcomings of the former in detecting targets, suitable for a wider range of applications.
    With corresponding sighting tools, the FOV and the reticle of the sighting tool can be precisely
    matched to the image of JF-NVG, so as to realize the fast capture and concealed aiming of the target.


Multi-function Binoculars


  • TB-5OC Five Optical Channels Multi-function Binoculars is a small intelligent observation device integrating infrared, low-light, visible light and laser. It has built-in location module, digital magnetic compass, and laser rangefinder. with image fusion function, it can be used for day and night observation and target search. The images and videos can be taken, and the information can be uploaded in time. It is comfortable and portable to use.


Multi-Spectral Thermal Scope


  • TE-MSTS Multi-spectral Thermal Scope is a sight with multiple spectral channels. The infrared channel adopts 1024×768 12μm detector and 50mm lens, providing excellent images with large FOV and far visual distance for thermal imaging observation.

  • The day light channel has 4× magnification and an ultra-wide FOV of 15°, making the target clearly visible with no blind spot. It can continue to work during a power outage, which is convenient and practical. The laser ranging channel is eye-safe, with an accuracy within 1m and the measurement range above 3km. It can accurately locate the target and observe the target dynamics in real-time.


Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars


  • THDB-3OC Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars has two HD observing channels. The color day channel has a resolution of 5,000,000 pixels, and the thermal imaging channel has a resolution of 800,000 pixels. With the built-in positioning module, digital magnetic compass, and laser rangefinder, it can quickly and accurately locate itself and the target. And the target information can be acquired and uploaded. THDB-3OC has small size and low power consumption and is adaptive to various complex climates and environments.


Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars


  • TL-TSeries Light-type Thermal Scope adopts 384×288/640×512 detectors and 25mm/35mm lens. It has large field of view and long range of view, providing excellent imaging effect. TL-TSeries is small and simple, waterproof and dustproof, and has excellent impact resistance. It can work in any weather, terrain, and meteorological conditions, which is reliable and functional.

Three Optical Channels HD Binoculars


  • TM-MTSeries Middle-type Thermal Scope is equipped with a 384×288/640×512 detector and matched with a 45mm lens. It can be used alone or in combination with a daylight scope, providing excellent thermal images.

  • TM-MTSeries Series is small and simple, waterproof and dustproof, and has excellent impact resistance. It can work in any weather, terrain, and meteorological conditions, which is reliable and functional.