Sensitive Site Security


Industrial sites are sensitive sites and therefore require special protection. These are complex sites in terms of the environment and the variety of areas to be protected.

These sensitive sites generally involve a multitude of security equipment that must communicate with each other to enable unified management.

Pandora system

PANDORA includes a large number of standard and proprietary protocols to achieve complete integration of different safety / security systems in the same application.

This will allow you to combine systems from different manufacturers. It will also be possible to establish interactions between the different systems, for example:

  • Decommission the intrusion system following authorized access to the building,
  • Trigger lighting after intrusion detection,
  • Activate video recording after an intercom call,

For systems that are not compatible with the supervisor, PANDORA  has an SDK for integration. Using the same app to monitor all of your systems offers many benefits:

  • The same procedures for all systems,
  • Unified alarms and events management,
  • A gateway between the different systems,
  • Simplified application maintenance,
  • Unique application training
Main Features
  • Complete alarm management
  • Customizable graphical interface
  • Integration of standard plan funds : Autocad, BMP, JPG, PNG, …,
  • Historical consultation,
  • Curve plot, statistics
  • Sending email, SMS
  • Multi-window, multi-screen interface
  • Single station, multi-station, multi-server architecture.

Physical protection

Physical protection of sites and facilities

  • Control device pedestrian access
  • Control device vehicle access
  • Retractable bollard
  • Rotary drum
  • Rising barrier
  • Grilling  (rigid panel, roll)

Perimeter protection

IPvision has developed various high performance outdoor detection systems that combine aesthetics with a high level of safety.
Our systems combine different technologies to better meet your needs.

Our platforms:

  • Multi-technology barriers (Hyperfrequency, Infrared)
  • Sensitive Cables (Accelerometers, Phonics, Optical Fiber)
  • Seismic sensors

Access control

Securing a site or a building implies a complete management of access. IPvision offers scalable and multi-site electronic access control solutions with integration of multi-service access cards (parking management, canteen, time management).

Assuming that each client is unique, we integrate tailor-made solutions to the needs of each client. In order to ensure a optimal protection of the site or the building, our solutions revolve around a range of systems of physical protection (obstacles, turnstiles, fast corridors, retractable terminals)

Video surveillance

As a manufacturer and integrator of video surveillance systems, IPvision distributes a complete range of cameras, software and mass storage equipment as well as automatic video processing and analysis modules.

  • IP cameras
  • Analytical video
  • Thermal cameras
  • Mass archiving systems
  • Management system
  • Mobile video


Unlike most intrusion detection systems, our integrated security platform allows you to add an unlimited number of users, zones and detectors to your infrastructure. No matter how large or small your organisation is, you can divide it into as many zones as you need to keep your sites under control in an efficient manner. When you need to expand your installation and add zones or change the configuration, this can be done quickly through the software.

Intrusion detection is an integral part of the application and takes advantage of its many possibilities. For example, when using the built-in rundown, it is possible to set up a round where the intrusion detectors can be used as a passage point, just like a badge reader or a camera. Similarly, when an alarm occurs, it is possible to know instantly who is present. Using a single system also reduces false alarms. The activation of an intrusion zone can be made conditional on the absence of personnel from the premises and can also lock out access, to prevent inadvertent entry.

Fire detection

The role of an intrusion detection system is to alert, to signal an intrusion event through the implementation of various protections (approach, penetration, volumetric).

This system can be coupled with a remote surveillance service by setting up a telephone, IP or GSM transmission system.

  • Approach

The primary purpose of an intrusion detection system is to detect and signal an intrusion event by means of a local deterrent process, either audible (alarm) or visual (flash, fog generator).

  • Penetration

These deterrence processes can be coupled with a remote surveillance service by the installation of a telephone transmitter.

  • Movement

An effective intrusion detection system must react immediately to any attempt to break into the premises, must not trigger a false alarm, and must be easy to use, discreet and totally reliable in order to offer maximum peace of mind.

Building management system

From simple electrical installations to complex building automation, our product range meets all your requirements.

Centralized technical management:

  • Open and multi-protocol
  • Guarantee openness of the system
  • Scalability of the solution to better face the future
  • Protecting your investment 

Technical building management:

  • Open and multi-protocol
  • Guaranteed openness of the system
  • Scalability of the solution to better face the future
  • Protecting your investment

Smart cabinets

The UHF RFID cabinet pushes tooling management into a new era providing accurate and efficient traceability of all tool movements.

Identified by a UHF RFID tag, each tool is unique and identified by the cabinet.

Intelligent access control

The RFID cabinet allows access to its contents only to authorised persons with an RFID badge.

Once identified by the RFID badge, the user can easily access the cabinet to borrow or return one or more tools.

An advanced locking system prevents the cabinet from being opened manually. In the event of a power cut, a mechanical unlocking device allows the user to access the tools.

Networks & Telecoms

The network infrastructure is a particularly important point in the design of information transport solutions. In order to provide the right infrastructure for our customers’ current and future needs, we offer certified and scalable solutions.

  •  Routers Network switches
  • Fibre optic infrastructure
  • 3G/4G mobile routers and embedded networks
  • Data Center Layout